Description: Supervision of works and consultancy service of "Down Town One" building. Downtown One is a 37 stories and 5 underground parking floors eco-friendly, multifunctional building with luxurious residences, elegant offices and modern commercial premises. With a strategic location in the centre of the capital and a spectacular 360° view, it perfectly blends with Tirana's architecture. Our supervision activities are including as follow:

  • Construction works for slope protection
  • Construction works for concrete reinforcement structures
  • Hydro-isolation works
  • Layers work
  • Masonry works
  • Plaster works
  • Façade works
  • Doors & Windows works
  • Construction of Water Tank for water supply and Water Tank for Fire Fighting system
  • Electrical cabin construction
  • Common recreation facilities
  • Construction of Sewer Water System
  • Installation of Electrical networks & IT & BMS & CCTV & DATA room
  • Installation of HVAC System
  • Common facilities (stairs, terrace, etc.)
  • Underground engineering infrastructure as: electrical, hydraulically, Fire Fighting, raining water drainage, sewer system
  • Every other work construction which needs supervision according to law.

Period: December 2017 – Ongoing